Kevin King, MD


Institution: University of Southern California/Keck Hospital of USC


Kevin King, MD, is an Associate Professor of Clinical Radiology at University of Southern California’s Keck School of Medicine. Dr. King received training in behavioral neuroscience, medicine, and clinical and translational science. His work to date has focused on using imaging biomarkers to better understand and quantify the impact of vascular and metabolic insults on brain integrity with aging. 
In early work, Dr. King investigated the pathogenesis of vascular disease by using MRI assessment of vascular function related to propagation of pulsatile blood flow. He found that aortic arch stiffness assessed using MRI measurement of pulse wave velocity was the second most significant predictor of brain microvascular disease, after age. This work is significant, in that aortic arch stiffness may serve as an accurate marker of cumulative hypertensive insult across the adult life span. Dr. King's subsequent work has focused on expanding the understanding of the impact of difference metrics of large vessel function on cardiovascular outcomes. In work recently submitted, Dr. King has demonstrated ethnic variations in aortic compliance, which may underlie corresponding ethnically divergent vascular outcomes. He has also worked extensively to delineate the association of quantitative markers of brain volumes with vascular risk factors and cognitive outcomes. It is now recognized that earlier intervention is likely the best hope for prevention of cognitive decline. Going forward, Dr. King hopes to identify the earliest and most specific insults to the small vessels in the brain by studying cerebrovascular reactivity on BOLD fMRI.
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